Fissure Sealants

Fissure sealants are ‘plastic’ colourless protective liquids, which are painted on the biting surfaces of the back teeth. They are then hardened by the application of a concentrated beam of ultraviolet light. They are permanent and remain in place for many years.

Fissure sealants have been used in dentistry for many decades and provide a very effective means of preventing tooth decay. They are usually placed in the adult molar teeth soon after they present themselves in the mouth. The first molar teeth come through at about six years of age and are fissure sealed soon thereafter. The second molar teeth present at twelve years of age and are subsequently fissure sealed. Other teeth can also be fissure sealed, especially in cases where tooth decay is likely to occur rapidly.

Often, one finds adult molar teeth in children which have suffered from a small amount of decay. It is now possible to use painless and drill-free techniques such as special pastes or air-abrasion devices to disinfect and remove this decay and fissure seal the tooth. This prevents the tooth from developing a ‘full blown’ cavity and thus, needing more unpleasant treatment at a later date.

Pros of fissure sealants:

  • Significantly reduces the chance of a child getting cavities
    Dental sealants prevent plaque and bacteria from getting into the grooves of the back teeth that even a tooth brush has trouble cleaning which helps limit the chance of cavities
  • Dental Sealants are cheaper than filling cavities
    Filling a cavity on average can cost up to four times as much as applying a dental sealant does.
  • They are usually long lasting
    They often last for years, and we can check and easily reapply them as needed.
  • The process is quick and painless